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Latin to Arabic?


I’m interested in the history of cross-influences in religion, and specifically between Christian and Islamic authors regarding the development of religious thought in the first few centuries after Mohammed.

There seems to be lots written about the use of ideas from Greek authors (mainly Neo-Platonic) by Islamic authors, but I cannot find any reference to any influence from Latin authors. Was there really none? I was expecting there to be, for instance, a cross-over in the Magrib from Christians who converted to Islam but who would have been educated presumably in the tradition of those such as St Augustine. I gather that there were still Christian communities for a few centuries after many had converted to Islam, so presumably there would have been a cross-over in intellectual circles? Or course these are major doctrinal differences, but there are also potential similarities, including arguments to justify the use of previous great thinkers, and of the idea of a path to God, and of an emphasis on the love of God (ie more spiritually founded ‘how to live in the world but dedicated to God’ rather than doctrinal matters).

Do any of you know of any Arabic authors/ texts which do show influence from Latin authors such as St Augustine (actually I would be interested in Arabic but non-Islamic reception too). If there really was none, do any of you know why?? Any leads / general thoughts much appreciated…

I’d also be interested in cross-influences the other way around as well – but one question at a time…

Thank you very much!

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