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islamic_history's Journal

History of the Islamic World
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This is a journal for the discussion of all things relating to Islamic history. Posts about Islamic archaeology that come from before the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and deal with history as the Qur'an teaches it will also be accepted. Posts about non-Muslims and their history are only acceptable if it's in relation to an Islamic country, Muslim people etc. e.g. how Jews were treated in Al Andalus. Basically, all posts must contain relevance to history and Muslims/Islam.

To keep this community away from modern politics, the cut-off date I will use is 1924, the year in which the Islamic State, under the control of the Ottomans, fell.

Since this is a historical community, all people interested in history are welcome, even if you come here with questions that you would like answers to as long as they are appropriate. Questions that are specifically about the religion of Islam should be redirected to learn_islam.

This is a serious community and trolls will not be tolerated. This is not the place to discuss modern issues, nor to speculate about how certain ethnicities are predisposed to certain actions. This community is moderated by alamira and soulfulwriter.

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